Rik van Toor

Full-Stack Developer

About me

Rik van Toor
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Msc in Computer Science (from March 2020)
+ 31 6 83 05 90 97

My name is Rik van Toor. I am a programmer and a graduate student of Computing Sciences at Utrecht University.

I live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, but am often found in Utrecht as well. My general interests include everything computer, such as software development, photo and video editing, IoT and robotics. Music is a passion of mine as well. I play the guitar and several other instruments and I often play in several bands. I am currently employed by CPMFactory as a software engineer.


Functional Programming


Object Oriented Programming



Adobe Creative Suite



I was born on November 22nd of 1996 in Rotterdam.


In 2008 I started off at IJsselcollege, a local high school close to my home in Capelle aan den IJssel. I followed the "VWO Anders" programme, which is VWO extended with a number of classes, such as Spanish and philosophy. The programme focused heavily on Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, allowing the students to discover their own optimal way of studying.


I graduated from IJsselcollege in 2014. I followed mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, Spanish, Dutch and English as my exam subjects.


I enrolled into the game technology programme of Utrecht University in 2014. Game technology is actually a computer science bachelor's programme, where some courses have been adapted to focus on the development of computer games and simulations.


Over the course of the summer of 2016, I worked for Econosto at the data department. I helped writing text generators and identifying and classifying data. I also created a tool used to convert data from one format to another.


I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2017 with a 3.26 GPA and an 8.5/10 for my bachelor's project.


I worked for CPMFactory over the summer of 2017. I worked on a large ASP .NET MVC application, at first mostly fixing bugs, but later on implementing new features in the front-end as well as the back-end, and improving the overall security of the application.


I continued my studies with the master's programme Computing Science at Utrecht University. In addition, I started working as a teaching assistant for the university. I have been a code reviewer for the bachelor's software project, and have helped supervise classes for the Mobile Programming, Databases, Graphics and Web Technology courses. In 2019, I contributed to the Helium Haskell compiler as a small research project.


I returned to CPMFactory in the summer of 2018 and worked there full-time from july 2018 to january 2019. From august to december 2018, I did so remotely, as I had temporarily moved to Madrid, Spain. After returning to the Netherlands and continuing my studies, I kept working at CPMFactory for one day a week.